Saturday, August 15, 2009

Soup - The Album Soup

Soup featuring the talented Doug Yankus along with Rob Griffith and David Faas formed out of the ashes of Appleton Wisconsin’s own Private Property of Digil. The Private Property of Digil released 5 singles on the local Tee Pee and Target labels before disbanding. As Soup, the band released a self titled DIY album in 1970 on the Arf Arm Artists label. The bands first album along with the Private Property of Digil material and unreleased tracks can be found on the Gear Fab release Soup. This is the bands second album released on Big Tree Records in 1971. Sadly Doug Yankus passed away in 1982 due to complications with diabetes just a few years after Rob Griffith passed away, and David Faas still is still playing music.